About Yakked Industries

Do you take your CrossFit workout seriously, but aren't afraid to have some fun in the process? Well, welcome to Yakked Industries, where we aren't afraid to laugh at ourselves or each other. 

We set out to create a brand for active people who want to let the world know that they enjoy fitness and a good time. We like to think that we are above a good dick and fart joke, but who are we kidding? 

We started with a couple of ideas and Yakked Industries was born. We found clothes that go as hard as you do, but are equally comfortable if you are sitting by the lake having a beer. 

All that is well and good, but the question remains. Why Yakked?  What's in a name? We wanted to invoke strength and power while keeping with our soft and cuddly side. A quick search on the strongest animals brought us to the dung beetle—not quite the image we were looking for. Second was the Yak. Strong, powerful and sweet hair. What's not to love? We discussed, laughed and one of us may have even cried (you have to guess which one).  We thought about it. Yakked, Yakked, YAKKED! What transformations to your body happen when you start working out? You get jacked, you get yokked, you get Yakked!  We have a name, we have some sweet designs— we have the world by the tail! Now it's your turn. Get out there, get a little sweaty and grab a Yak by the tail! 

Yakked, Get Some!

Punch Today in the Face!

Casey Stedman

President, Logistics Manager and Piss Boy at Yakked Industries.

I stumbled across Kato CrossFit three years ago and have been a regular in the mornings ever since.  In November 2015 I competed in the GameDay Championship Masters division. The only thing holding me back from being a regional athlete is my ability, desire, and commitment.

I am also the self-appointed dietitian and chemical advisor to Games Athlete, Scott Panchik.

If I'm not under the Yakked tent at competitions, chances are you will find me bitching about the WOD at Kato CrossFit

If you see me at either place, stop by and say hi.

Ben Janike | Yakked Industries CrossFit Lifestyle Clothing

Ben Janike

The Brains, Looks, Brawn behind Yakked Industries.

I began my CrossFit journey six years ago, while working for a globo gym. I realized I wanted to quit my shit job and and go back to what I loved most—helping people reach their goals. In 2012 Kato CrossFit and then had a brilliant idea to start a multi-thousand dollar clothing label! People are in love with our shirts for two reasons—they kick ass and they make you significantly more fit, automatically. 

These days I spend my time eating at the Yakked Industries tent during competitions or yelling at people for doing half-assed reps.

A word of advice: “Get a shirt, you won’t regret it…”

Punch Today in the Face!


Grant Louwagie Yakked | Industries CrossFit Lifestyle Clothing

Grant Louwagie

Starving Artist

As a child I was a strong swimmer. As I got older I dabbled in other forms of exercise and quickly I realized that I was injury prone and a little on the fragile side. After blowing out a lung in the 2000 Bong Olympics I came to the realization that athletics just weren't for me.

When Casey approached me about creating a logo and some clothing designs for a CrossFit apparel company I thought long and hard about whether it was a good fit for me. Considering I had only been injured twice while doing computer work I thought....why not?

These days I spend my time building out funny shirt ideas that I don't really understand and wondering how a multi-thousand dollar apparel company still has no money to pay me. I do have a shitload of really comfy shirts to wipe my tears with though so its not all bad.

You people are fucking nuts! And I really appreciate it!

Dallas Clarksean

Dallas Clarksean

Yakked Industries partner, Vice President of Operations at Fun.com, Co-Founder GameDay Competitions

I started CrossFit in 2013 to rehab a back injury and unexpectedly fell in love with it.  As a former college athlete, it created the challenge, team atmosphere, and structure I hadn't experienced in years. I'm the head of operations for a mid-sized ecommerce company which gives me the background to help advise both Yakked Industries and GameDay Competitions.

When I'm not working I'm spending time with my beautiful wife and 3 kids and cheering on my Jackrabbits.  I also appreciate a great t-shirt.

I eat strict Paleo except for all of the beer, pizza, cheeseburgers, beer, nachos, and beer.